After researching and reading about Hair Transplants for 2 years it was clear to me that Alvi Armani was the best of the best out there. I did my homework and am happy with my decision. My result looks amazing!
Here are some new close up shots of my Alvi Armani Hairline

Here are some updated photos below. I am now a few years from my procedure with the Alvi Armani clinic and things are still looking amazing. The hairline is still thick and very natural looking. I wanted to update everyone as it seems my story has helped alot of people with their own hairloss.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updated Photos of My Alvi Armani Hairline

Here are some update photos of my Hairline and result 5 years after my initial procedure. Needless to say things are still holding up very very well. I am still very happy with my procedure and my Hair Transplant.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My result

Here are some photos of my result. I couldnt be happier with how my hairline and result came out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The day of the surgery....

I woke up bright and early and arrived at the surgery center at about 7 AM. I use the term "woke" up loosely since I was so nervous I barely slept. After arriving, I met with one of the patient consultants that was working there at the time, and he was able to better explain what I should expect. Everyone there was very honest and straight forward and always treated me with the utmost respect. For all considering this type of procedure, the customer service will certainly be the first thing that will impress you about this company. The patient comes first. I'm living proof of that and this blog is my testimony of it.

The entire procedure took literally all day, mainly due to the number of grafts (~2500 or so). They first shaved the donor area and the transplant area to in a sense clear the canvas. I admit to being somewhat vain, so having a partially shaved head bothered me somewhat, but I quickly got over it. They proceeded to remove the "strip" from the back of my head for the donor grafts. I was one of the last strip procedures done at this clinic, so some of this information will not pertain to the new patients, but it is worth knowing to be able to compare. From what I understand the difference in recovery time is like night and day. To be specific, the FUE procedure cuts recovery time down by about 3 weeks. The strip procedure I had left me feeling out of sorts for a longer period of time because it is much more of a legitimate surgery, where as FUE is much more tolerable.

Throughout the entire process I was in a semi-reclined position and watched movies of my choice. I felt absolutely no pain throughout the entire process. That night and three days post-op were a different story, however. like I said, had I had the FUE procedure instead of the strip, this would not have been the case.

I remained in Toronto for 5 days post-op, mainly because i wanted to be close in case I needed medical attention. I never did, but since i was in town I was able to come back to the clinic and have the nurses on staff clean the donor area the right way. This was a nice option to have, if you can manage it.

overall, i have nothing but good things to say about the level of customer care and more importantly the results of the procedure. The pictures don't lie folks, THE RESULTS ARE REAL!!!